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Diagnostic Imaging

At Box Butte General Hospital, you'll find some of the most advanced medical imaging systems available.

Services include:

考试由委员会合格和认证的放射科医生阅读,经过专门培训,可以阅读医学图像. 诊断成像目前有一个放射科医生在BBGH每周一天执行诊断程序. IM电竞App官网的先进技术使IM电竞App官网能够立即将图像发送给放射科医生进行解释. 这些图像与放射科医生联网,放射科医生可以利用互联网功能查看图像. 放射科医生解释检查结果并将报告传回给BBGH和患者的医生. Because most of the exams are being stored electronically, please call the Diagnostic Imaging Department, 308.761.1311, two to three days in advance if you need to check out your CD containing the images. We will be happy to make these available for you.

在IM电竞App官网的医学影像部门,所有需要接受辐射照射的儿童服务都遵循 Image Gently protocols.

If you have any questions regarding any of the exams performed, please don't hesitate to contact Diagnostic Imaging for details -

308.761.1311 Monday- Friday 7:30am- 4pm

They will be glad to answer any questions or concerns. 由于某些检查需要特殊的患者准备,请提前致电预约和检查说明.